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Creating flutes and flute bags is an act of passion, not an obligation.

Images available on the Flutes and Deer Hide Bags links reflect a few of the flutes and flute bags I've created in recent years. These are presented as a way of sharing ideas and sparking a conversation about your next custom flute or leather flute bag.

Black & White Ebony with a Pink Ivory and Gabon Ebony mouthpiece. 7/8" bore; 19 7/8" long. F#; 100/2016. $750

This Black Walnut flute with a pecan mouthpiece and end cap is tuned in the key of E. Second place award winner at Musical Echoes. Decorative elements include red coral inlay wolf tracks and a wood-burned image of a wolf head on the bore end. The wolf perched on the block is carved from Pecan. Super responsive, this flute produces strong vibrations easily felt by finger tips while playing. 055/2013. $550

F#; aged Cherry with multimedia dragonfly (ivory, red coral, woodburned elements). Judged "Most Artistic" at Native Rhythms Flute Festival.  7/8" bore, 20 1/4" long. 040/2010. $400